Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why is health care so expensive? Part 2 of 2

Why Your Stitches Cost $1,500 - Part Two
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

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Why is health car so expensive? Part 1 of 2

Why Your Stitches Cost $1,500 - Part One
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Boggy Bottom Bog Bogquariams

We have been observing the two Boggy Bottom
Bog Bogquariams  on the left for over a year.
The two on the right were filled today.

Common Cattail

Common Cattails are a familiar sight along the shore of any marsh, pond, lake, or river. They can even be found in ditches.
Cattails are tall, stiff plants, growing almost ten feet tall. The leaves look like giant blades of grass, about one inch wide. The flower has two parts; a brown cylinder (the female part), and a yellow spike (the male part).
Cattails are usually found in a dense stand (many together).

Photo - Levi Gathering Boggy Bottom Bog Samples

Monday, April 4, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

One Day Without Shoes on April 5.  We are going without shoes so kids don't have to.  Toms.com
Help Marcus, Heather, Raeann and Sydney at Winterberry Chrisitian Academy support this cause.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Retention Ponds, Bogs and Basins - Clean the Water

Linda Maree in Home-Sick Water: Retention Ponds argues the virtues of enhancing the natural filtration qualities of a retention pond, bog, or basin by planting turf up to the edge, planting a littoral shelf of aquatic plants at the outlet and in the deepest part of the basin, and planting more plants that can stand the dry-wet-flood experience of the retention basin.  The Florida Sarasota County Neighborhood Environmental Stewardship Team (NEST) program helps groups secure grants, provide advise, and offer referrals to professionals to develop effective retention basins. Start your own NEST group.

Students at Winterbery Christian Academy study our right-outside-the-door Boggy Bottom Bog.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Solving algebraic statements such as make the sentence y=x^2 + 2x true when x Is -3, -3, 1, and 2

Make the sentence y = x^2 + 2x true when x is -3, -1, 1, and 2.

Translate this into a "Given" statement and four "If" statements.

This is an "If - ish" problem, M. says.

Given y = x^2 + 2x

If x = -3, then find y
y = -3^2 + (2 times -3)
y = (-3 times -3) + (-6)
y = 9 + (-6)
y = 3

What is the "Given?"
What are the "If" statements?

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